Application and Content Management

The complexity of deploying and managing thousands of mobile devices is always becoming main issue for IT team. The mobile users may also face difficulties when they have to install corporate application or install the updates on their mobile devices. HMS with its Application and Content Management module helps enterprises automatically install and update the corporate mobile applications without users even noticing.


Support Multiple File Format

Corporate Playstore

Ensure all corporate applications can only be accessed and downloaded by your employees privately with Corporate Playstore. This feature is becoming one of the most secured ways for enterprises to deploy corporate mobile applications to their employees.

Support Multiple File Format

Whitelist and Blacklist Application

Whitelist and blacklist feature are provided in order to improve employee’s performance and productivity. This feature has the capability to control which apps that should and should not be installed in the employee’s device to support their job. By doing so, the usage of unnecessary apps can be avoided.

Support Multiple File Format

Silent Installation

To keep the corporate applications up to date on employees' mobile devices, this feature provides enterprises the capabilities to update, install, and uninstall application without the acknowledgement of the device users. Moreover, enterprises can also ensure that distributed applications in employees' devices cannot be uninstalled without IT Admin approval.

Support Multiple File Format

App On-Device Dashboard

This feature gives you a dashboard that contains full list of applications which have been installed on a mobile device. It makes much easier when IT Admin needs to re-enroll applications into the mobile devices that have been distributed to employees. Companies also have the visibility of irrelevant applications with business and have the ability to limit the usage.

Support Multiple File Format

URL Access Control

URL Access Control is a security feature that enable enterprises to block and limit the access of certain web applications via URL link from mobile devices.