Endpoint Management

Managing and monitoring a huge number of corporate mobile devices have been an all-time challenge for most of enterprises. Therefore, HMS provides Endpoint Management Module to help enterprises automate and unify endpoint management so that IT team can simply manage all device types through one single dashboard, HMS portal.


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Real Time Device Information

This feature provides a dashboard showing real-time information of employee’s device such as network quality, SIM card provider, device's serial number, IMEI, device owner, as well as battery information. Companies can check the device status whether it is active or not anytime.

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Device Functionality Restriction

Prevent corporate mobile devices from being misused by leveraging device functionality restriction feature. It allows companies to ensure productivity in the workplace by creating device’s policies that allows and restricts certain features and functionality such as Bluetooth, tethering, firmware update, screenshot, copy paste, Wi-Fi settings & VPN configuration, and many more.

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Force GPS

Monitoring practice could be hindered if the GPS on field worker's device is turned off. With Force GPS feature, you can monitor their mobility in real time because it can force the GPS on the mobile device to be always ON. It can also block the usage of fake GPS on the mobile device to avoid fake location information.

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Force Lockdown

Ensure confidential data on the device remains secured with force lockdown. With this feature, if corporate mobile devices are stolen or lost, IT Admin can immediately deactivate the device function, disable factory reset, and block USB debug. The device can not be activated unless contacting the corporate IT support as shown on the device’s screen.

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Force Admin

To gain full control of every mobile device’s activity, you can leverage force admin feature. It can delete or replace device’s old policies with the latest ones and allow IT Admin to format the whole data that exists in the device.

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Wallpaper Configuration

Boost company’s identity and professionalism with wallpaper configuration feature. It helps corporate branding activity by hard setting the wallpaper and home screen of corporate mobile devices with company logo and prevent employees to change the image that has been set before.

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Remote Wipe

Lost and stolen mobile devices are putting your company at serious risk of confidential data breaches. Remote wipe feature enables IT admin to secure the data before the devices has been access by unauthorized person. This feature can help to erase all of the data stored on the corporate devices remotely without human touch.