GPS Tracking

As today’s global workforce is increasingly mobile, enterprises are facing new issues on how to ensure the productivity of their mobile employees and optimize their work through mobile devices. To help enterprises get rid of the hurdles, HMS provides GPS Tracking module which enterprises will be able to track their mobile workforce activities anywhere, at any time.


Support Multiple File Format

Location Tracking

Monitor mobile employees' productivity and trace their location in real time using location tracking feature. It provides real time location and movement tracking, and enables companies to monitor employees' performance and productivity. HMS also provides an open API platform for companies who want to integrate their applications with the location tracking database.

Support Multiple File Format


Create your own virtual geographic boundaries for field workers with certain radius using Geo-fencing feature. It helps companies create some restriction and limitation of certain application and data usage on field workers' mobile devices so they can only be accessed within certain geographic boundaries or radius that have been set.

Support Multiple File Format

Open API

Location tracking is an important part of making sure the field staff well monitored & free of fraud activities. Thru Open API Platform, HMS allows company to easily integrate the location tracking record of field staff movement with your company in-house app.