Security and Control

Although mobility strategy has benefited business to be more agile, the security for both data and devices are still becoming big concern for enterprises. To overcome this issue, HMS offers a solution to prevent data leakage by blocking the application access for a certain period of time if the device is not properly protected or not connected to the controlling system.


Support Multiple File Format

Password Enforcement

Corporate mobile device's password will be enforced to follow regulated and stronger password format for security reason when you activate this feature. If the password doesn't comply, user will never able to activate the device.

Support Multiple File Format

Application Access Permission

This feature allows user to install applications on corporate mobile devices but limit application permission such as calendar, image, video, files, SMS or location sharing. This is to mitigate corporate data leakage through such applications.

Support Multiple File Format

Connectivity Check

This feature helps enterprises regularly check and validate the usage of device used by all employees using network connectivity check through HMS portal. If a device has not been validated for a certain period of time, the application and data access on the device will be automatically blocked.