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Helios Mobility Suite (HMS) is an enterprise mobility solutions that are designed and developed based on the challenges that our customers facing in enterprise mobility adoption. HMS can address the issues about mobile security and device management, as well as increase the productivity of field workers or sellers. It provides end-to-end solutions, from configuring, managing and securing your mobile devices. It can easily integrates with your mobile applications. With Helios Mobility Suite, you can keep innovating your business through mobile solutions without hassle.


Continuous technology developments have enabled Bussan Auto Finance (BAF) to deploy mobility-based technology that can support them to maximize business productivity. BAF had chosen Helios Mobility Suite (HMS) as their mobility solutions companion to help them manage and maintain thousands of mobile devices with ease and absolutely secure. This solution not only gives BAF the ability to monitor their field agents but also maximizing their productivity.

Bussan Auto Finance

Helios Mobility Suites helps us to enable large number of mobile device deployment easily and control our field employees’ devices, and secure corporate data. This tool allows us to get full control of thousands of mobile devices that are used for our business. For an example, we can easily view current employees’ locations, retrieve device information such as checking battery life, send messages , and push corporate mobile app update. It also allows us to restrict access to specific app and to block automate OS update. I am very glad that HMS can fulfill some of our unique requirements that other software can not.

Jasa Raharja Putera

Helios Mobility Suite gives us confidence to extend our business to any corner of the world as quickly as we need to. The strong partnership with Helios thru Helios Mobility Suite will enable us to deliver more as our business demands innovation.

Radana Finance

We faced a big challenge in a broad rollout of mobile devices in our company until we implemented HMS. We use this solution across entire company from field workers to their supervisors. HMS is a great tool to secure & mitigate company’s data leakage. Other than that, HMS helps us to solve our challenges of distributing and update the new release of corporate mobile app to the entire devices across Indonesia. HMS really makes us IT support team job much simpler and easier.

BRI Finance

HMS is being used as a mobile device management platform in our organization. We have deployed HMS to the entire organization in order to manage our mobile devices. We are using HMS to push force GPS, set up corporate wallpaper , block blacklisted application, and distribute our corporate app profiles to the devices. This has given us back a lot of time as we no longer have to manually set up the devices for our users. We just give them the device, they simply download and install HMS, and all of their settings get deployed automatically. In addition to it, HMS can wipe data in the device remotely if it is lost or stolen.

WOM Finance

Triputra Argo Persada

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Established in 2014 as a member of CTI Group, Helios is a value-added distributor that has become an expert in mobility solutions. Equipped with certified and experienced IT talents, Helios Informatika Nusantara is committed to support the mobility needs of customers in today's ever-changing business market.